Feb 10, 2011

Our playdate

We had so much with cousin Jackson last weekend when he came to play! Memaw and Papaw came over to check out our washer while Daddy was gone to Solo and Ensemble tryouts. We had a great time laughing and playing. We even got to play in the bubbles for a little while before Jackson had to go home. Can't wait to do it again!

After Jackson went home, we converted Logan's bed to a toddler bed---for the night. Okay, okay. Not even one night. I couldn't take waiting for the first "thud" of the night. We had even recruited ALL the pillows in the house to catch our little angel when he fell out of the bed. Bryan went in and put the rail back on before eleven. We'll try again soon. I suppose. This mommy stuff is hard on the heart. *wink* I think Logan loved it though! His favorite part is climbing up and down. Maybe he (and Mommy) will be ready soon!

To be continued...

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