Aug 31, 2009

Sick day :-(

Logan was sickly over the weekend with a little fever. So, today Logan and I stayed home for our very first sick day. Logan still had a bit of a stuffy nose, so we decided to take a day. He napped for a little while this morning and I think it made all the difference. By the afternoon, all he wanted to do was bounce and jump! I'm so glad he's feeling a little better, and we'll get back to our regular routine tomorrow!

Aug 24, 2009

Into the swing of things...

I can't believe it...We are actually getting used to a cool little schedule! My favorite part of the day? Picking up Logan, of course! We survived week one of daycare. I only boohooed on the first day! I was so glad Daddy was there to help out. Logan seems to really be enjoying spending time with his teachers. He had good notes sent home all week long! Tomorrow is already his first picture day! He's growing up so fast, hehe! Here are a few pictures from the past week. He is always smiles in the car going to daycare in the mornings. I can't believe how blessed we are...Life is so beautiful!

Aug 12, 2009

School Days!

Four months!

Someone finally decided to give their cereal a chance, and liked it! Logan is really taking off now that he's four months. The day he turned four months, he rolled over for the first time! He's also reaching for faces and making raspberry noises all the time! It's like a new discovery every day!