Jun 21, 2009

Fathers' Day...The very first one!

Fathers' Day 2009 from AP on Vimeo.

This is a very special day for Bryan, his first as a new father! Logan and I wanted to show Daddy how special he was with this video! You are an incredible husband and father, and we hope you enjoy your very special day!
Mommy and Logan

Music-Dave Matthews Band-You & Me

Jun 15, 2009


Day: Sunday, June 14
Time: Five o'clock in the a.m.
Subject: The very elusive thumbsucker!

For real, I've caught Logan with that thumb a few times here lately, but never with the camera. It's like he's kinda embarrassed or something...I'll run across the house to get the camera and turn it on...and then he just stares at me like, "What? I wasn't doing anything..." Oh boy...here we go! He keeps us laughing constantly!

Jun 10, 2009

Color me surprised!

A whole new blogging world has now opened up! Love the new background and banner, do you? Me too! I had no idea that you could do so many cool things...Color me surprised! In other news, Logan is doing fine after his first round of shots. He was a little upset last night before bedtime, but slept well after his bottle. What a tough little man. He looked especially tough with all his Bugs Bunny bandaids on those cute little legs! (Which I am not looking forward to removing) Ah, motherhood! The things they don't tell you...hehe!

Jun 8, 2009

2 months!

Happy two months today to Logan! My, how the time flies! This is his new game day onesie...hehe! I caught him laughing out loud at it the other day. He must really like the design on the front...so cute! Daddy has a new shirt as well, so we'll have to post a picture of the two of them soon! Tomorrow is another doctor's appointment with our first shots. :-( Maybe mommy won't cry too!

Jun 5, 2009


Logan has been a great sport lately letting Mommy see what various baby items around the house he's ready for. He's growing so quickly now! We've started using the high chair to sit in while I wash his bottles. There's something very tranquil about the sound of running water to him... So I decided to also give the stroller a try without the carseat to see the results. He loved it! We rode outside on the sidewalk for a few minutes until the bugs came out for the evening. He's looks like he's pretty tired in the last picture, though. Guess the fun just wore him out;-)



Last year, we went a little crazy with planting and wound up with around 100 marigolds in the flower beds. Needless to say, this year is a little different. These bouganvilla are my gardening endeavors for this year. Hopefully they will make it until the end of summer...;-)