Dec 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

It has been one long crazy roller coaster ride since November. I wish I would have had more time to post, but it has literally been one thing after another. We bought our house in early November and spent the next two weeks trying to unpack and get things ready for Christmas. Bryan's holiday concerts were wonderful and Logan really enjoyed seeing Daddy and the band. We traveled to Bryan's mom and dad's for the (before) Christmas lunch with the Fox side of the family. It was really nice to see everyone. Later that evening, we headed to Hartselle for the Jackson Family Christmas party. It was nice making new memories with my family around the piano singing carols. It reminded me of old times as a kid. I don't think anyone will ever know what those times meant to me. I always felt I was the luckiest kid alive to have such a wonderful extended family. Ah, memories. Logan had a wonderful Christmas, too! He really enjoyed all his gifts and seeing friends and family, especially cousin Jackson. All the boys loved playing in the new Cozy Coupe. That thing has been well worth the money! He loves hopping in there and slamming the door shut. He was sick for about five days during the break with Flu-like symptoms. He woke up Christmas Eve night with a 102 degree fever. This kept on for around five days. I've never seen my little man so sick. Bryan had to leave to travel to Orlando with the band, so Logan was really missing his best buddy while he was sick. Eventually he got to feeling better, and Daddy came home from Disney. He brought Logan a new Mickey Mouse, which really sped up recovery time! Ha! We are all doing well now and just enjoying our time together. Happy new year to everyone!